Company “Institut Mihajlo Pupin Project Engineering” ltd founded in 2002. year by the Heritage Institute “Mihajlo Pupin” and eight mechanical engineering professionals with years of experience who are also employed.


We were placed in the building of the Institute “Mihajlo Pupin”, where we have adequate office and storage space.

Areas of our work are:

  • Hydraulics and pneumatics
  • Drive machines and power transmissions
  • Thermal, process, and gas systems and devices
  • Automation of machines and devices for various purposes
  • Maintenance and modernization of all systems in thermal power plants and hydroelectric power plants
  • Manufacture of mining machines on a “turnkey” basis
  • Revitalization and reconstruction in the mentioned areas
  • Energy efficiency of electro-power facilities
  • Uninterruptible power supply systems
  • Design and installation of solar power plants on a “turnkey” basis

Research and development of new products and technologies, consulting, design, production of small-scale revitalization, installation, testing and certification, commissioning, maintenance, personnel training, participation in the work for the adoption of standards and regulations, representation and distribution of products.